How to Begin Running for Weight loss

Busy people are always pressed for time. The good news is that like so much in life, the best things are free and running for weight loss is one of the best and most effective lifestyle changes you can make.

It is also an incredibly simple and inexpensive activity to partake in because running is the body’s instinctive response, whether you need to catch a bus or escape from a perilous situation and can be done anywhere with a track, with no equipment at all.

Many people find that they simply can’t continue past a few minutes before they descend into an ungraceful huffing and puffing (think of the Big, Bad Wolf). Fortunately, like most victims of disuse, this is easily remedied with an effective running plan.

Things you’ll need:

  • Running track or treadmill
  • If you plan to run indoors, a treadmill, preferably with incline capability and multiple speed settings
  • Running shoes
  • An effective running plan geared for beginners like Bob Glover’s The Runner’s Handbook.

Running Plan

The goal of any effective exercise program is to successfully cause the body to adapt to an increased demand or workload. For rank beginners, getting their bodies used to running will have to be done gradually, giving the body time to adapt adequately.

To do this you are going to alternate walking and running with the goal of being able to work up to 20 minutes of continuous running.

This is both a respectable goal to increase your confidence and will bring about marked improvements in your stamina and appearance. After the first month or so, you’ll notice that a lot of your old clothes are fitting you comfortably again. In my case, family and friends were the first to compliment me on my trim appearance. Most importantly, it will build an important foundation for more advanced fitness routines down the road, as you continue to improve.

The plan given below has been taken from The Runner’s Handbook by Bob Glover. I can honestly say, it’s one of the easiest and rewarding training programs conceived by man (no kidding). The confidence and energy-boost you get from it are the best bang for your buck in the world of DIY fitness routines. Moreover, it’s written by someone who’s a recognized authority in the field of competitive running and has introduced 1000’s of people to running in his. You can read more about him here.

Additionally, if you’re serious about your running, I recommend getting the Kindle version of this book. At $17 from Amazon, it’s practically a steal and may just become your best friend over your many hours of pounding the pavements. It also comes in hardcover form and is available

Week Run-Walk Ratio (minutes) Total Run Time
1 Run 1, walk 2. Complete sequence 7 times 7
2 Run 2, walk 2. Complete sequence 5 times 10
3 Run 3, walk 2. Complete sequence 4 times 12
4 Run 5, walk 2. Complete sequence 3 times 15
5 Run 6, walk 1.5. Complete sequence 3 times 18
6 Run 8, walk 1.5. Complete sequence 2 times 16
7 Run 10, walk 1.5. Complete sequence 2 times 20
8 Run 12, walk 1, run 8 20
9 Run 15, walk 1, run 5 20
10 Run 20 minutes non-stop 20


Coach Glover’s key reminders for following this program are:

  • All running should be done at a conversational pace and all walking should be done briskly.
  • The numbers are there to help you to take the guesswork out of it, so all you have to do is follow the plan.
  • You’ll see your best results when you follow the plan faithfully, 3-5 times a week.

For those wishing to expand their running arsenal with marathons, speed training and hill-running, this book is equally helpful, as it is for beginners. You can find it here on Amazon.

Expect plenty of protests of from your body, along with some shortness of breath and soreness in your lower body. If you persist though, you’ll find that these are only temporary as the body is a marvellous adaptive organism: it does precisely what it is trained to do!!!

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