Fitness for Busy People Starts at Home

Burn Belly Fat Fast at Home

Yes, you heard me right. This may come as a surprise to many but home is often the best place to embark on any fitness-related journey. There are several reasons for this.


In order to be effective, any diet/ fitness program must allow the person to carry out his/her chosen exercises, regularly and preferably at a set time of the day. This allows the process to become a habit and raises the likelihood that it will become a permanent part of somebody’s life.

The benefit to someone who works out at home is that the exercises can be done at any time, in any kind of weather and can be adjusted to suit the needs. For someone like me who regularly faces the possibility of rain or snow when it comes to exercising outdoors (I live in Canada), this is a no-brainer. Numerous studies have shown that any task that is performed in byte-sized amounts with regular frequency tends to have a higher likelihood of being mastered than something that is done infrequently in larger amounts.

Starting your summer fitness journey at home will melt away most of the excuses that people invent


Let’s face it, most people’s in-house workout equipment will not resemble a fully equipped gym – and maybe that’s a good thing. Most newcomers to the gym feel intimidated at the sight of so many weight racks and machines and many fall into the trap of wanting to try them all.

This in, general doesn’t work so well in the long run. For one, unless you’re extremely fit to begin with, you’ll quickly exhaust yourself by subjecting your body to a great deal of varied stress. Secondly, you are unlikely to make any fitness/ fat loss gains. As I’ll explain in my other posts, the quickest gains are made by doing a few activities regularly and building them to high-intensities.

Since homes offer more limited space, they are a great place to build your fitness habits and get your summer fitness plans off to a running start.


If there’s one principle that all human beings are subject to, it’s that we actively endeavor to choose pleasure over pain. Now, it might sound strange to hear the word pleasure being used here but consider the following.

Think of the average weight room. A common observation is that many people pile on more weight than necessary to “look cool” or impress their friends. While this gives them a temporary ‘ego boost’, it doesn’t necessarily do their body any favors and a few weeks in, the familiar ‘crash and burn’ phenomena kicks in.

At home, you get to decide what you’re comfortable with, what kind of activities you enjoy and what intensity level you want to start. If you prefer running on your treadmill then you are free do that. If you’d rather do calisthenics, you have that option and if you’re into indoor sports like squash or tennis, then you’re still catered for.

By replacing the mentality of ‘no pain, no gain’ with an activity you can’t wait to do, you’ll really take your summer fitness goals to the next level. Getting fit at home by regularly  doing your way of sweating it out, is a great place to start.

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